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Our products and services are designed to give a hand-up to SME businesses that have the appetite to locate supply chain opportunities with larger companies.
All our facilities start from K50,000.
Direct payment confirmation is required.
No tangible security is required.

Our list of products include:

Order Finance

This 56 day product provides short term working capital to SMEs to enable them undertake contracts and orders awarded by Approved Off-takers.

Invoice Discounting

This is a 28 day working capital financing product provided to SMEs on the basis of invoices issued to Approved Off-takers covering up to 70% of the invoice value (excluding VAT).

Bills Discounting

Focus can discount up to 70% of the value of post-dated cheques received for the payment of goods and services.

Payment Guarantees

Where the most appropriate financing need is the assurance of payment to a supplier of goods and services, Focus will provide a Payment Guarantee for a pre-agreed period.

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