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Focus Ironclad Group offers one of the best graduate trainee programs in the country as it provides a fresh graduate an opportunity to gain valuable experience in more than one sector of the economy. Graduates have access to the financial sector through the flagship business Focus Financial Services as well as mastering unique investment banking skills through Focus Capital. Another sector that our graduates get exposed to is the insurance world both life and non-life through Focus Life Assurance and Focus General Assurance Limited.

The program is designed to last a total of nine months during which time the graduates are equipped with skills and experiences to be the future leaders of Focus. In addition to continuous skills training and development, trainees receive constant feedback on their performance in each respective business unit and this is supported by the assignment of a couch/ mentor.

In August 2015, the program was kick-started with an overwhelming response of over 1500 applicants out of which 6 bright, young talents selected and given the opportunity to gain understanding of the four core businesses as well as to gain some skills and expertise in their chosen area of specialization. The graduates are undoubtedly among the most innovative, ambitious, high performing, intelligent and passionate young people that Zambia has to offer.